90 Day Fiancé UK

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90 Day Fiancé UK




45 min

Follows 8 couples as they meet face-to-face for the first time in the UK and have 90 days to get married or return to their respective homes.

Release:Jul 24, 2022
Episode 4: Episode 4
Episode 3: Episode 3
Episode 2: Episode 2
Episode 1: Episode 1
Episode 13: Episode 13
Episode 12: Episode 12
Episode 11: Episode 11
Episode 10: Episode 10
Episode 9: Episode 9
Episode 8: Episode 8
Episode 7: Episode 7
Episode 6: Episode 6
Episode 5: Episode 5
Episode 4: The Things You Do for Love
Episode 3: What The Hell Am I Doing?
Episode 2: Is She A Tinder Swindler?
Episode 1: I Love You Chicken!
Episode 12: I've Made A Massive Mistake
Episode 11: I Will Get That Ring!
Episode 10: Who Does That to a Person?
Episode 9: Age Is Just a Number
Episode 8: Just Please Don't Embarrass Me
Episode 7: I've Done Nothing Wrong
Episode 6: You Told Me No Adultery
Episode 5: You've Got to Come Clean
Episode 4: British Women Are Just Hard Work
Episode 3: Surrender to Me Your Credit Cards
Episode 2: Up to No Good
Episode 1: In Love, But We've Never Met

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