Naked and Afraid XL

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Naked and Afraid XL




A group of amateur survivalists are put to the ultimate test in the wild for 40 days with nothing but a few primitive tools. No food. No clothing. No water. They must hunt and gather whatever they need until extraction day.

Release:Jul 12, 2015
Episode 4: Episode 4
Episode 3: Episode 3
Episode 2: Episode 2
Episode 1: Episode 1
Episode 6: Frozen: Bear of a Finish
Episode 5: Frozen: Thin Air, Fat Chance
Episode 4: Frozen: Snow Rest for the Weary
Episode 3: Frozen: Hypothermic When Wet
Episode 2: Frozen: Stay With Me
Episode 1: Frozen: Rocky Road Ahead
Episode 10: Jungle Gangsters Out season finale
Episode 9: A Gathering Swarm
Episode 8: You Left Us to Rot
Episode 7: Careful What You Fish For
Episode 6: Legendary Fail
Episode 5: Mutiny in the Jungle
Episode 4: The Legends Return
Episode 3: In Your Face, Amazon!
Episode 2: Amazon Pain Forest
Episode 1: I'm In Big Trouble
Episode 10: All In to Get Out
Episode 9: Cold Grudges Die Hard
Episode 8: A Feast of the Eyes
Episode 7: A Bridge Over Swampy Water
Episode 6: EJ's Ball and Pain
Episode 5: Itching for Revenge
Episode 4: Gary Eats All the Things
Episode 3: Gat-R-Done
Episode 2: Chomping at His Bits
Episode 1: That All You Got, Louisiana?
Episode 11: Banished But Not Broken
Episode 10: Crossbow and a Cross to Bear
Episode 9: Third Times the Harm
Episode 8: Keep Your Frenemies Close
Episode 7: A Matter of Life or Seth
Episode 6: Feastmode
Episode 5: Boiling Point
Episode 4: No Calm After the Storm
Episode 3: The Barehanded Killer
Episode 2: Croc Shock
Episode 1: Valley of the Banished
Episode 10: Goodbye Cruel Waterworld
Episode 9: Apex Predators
Episode 8: Jeff's Worst Nightmare
Episode 7: Hike Into Hell
Episode 6: No Hand-Outs
Episode 5: Belly of the Beast
Episode 4: The Devil and the South China Sea
Episode 3: Surviving with Sharks
Episode 2: Waterworld
Episode 1: Not a Drop to Drink
Episode 9: All-Stars: Fight to the Finish
Episode 7: All-Stars: Survivalists vs. Predator
Episode 6: All-Stars: Burn Notice
Episode 5: All-Stars: Dead Weight
Episode 4: All-Stars: To Hail and Back
Episode 3: All-Stars: Africa Strikes Twice
Episode 2: All-Stars: Africa Strikes First
Episode 1: All-Stars: Hunted Humans
Episode 8: The Final Fight
Episode 7: Left Behind
Episode 6: Divided We Fall
Episode 5: Worlds Collide Part 2
Episode 4: Outbreak
Episode 3: Shattered
Episode 2: What Lies Beneath
Episode 1: Heart of Darkness
Episode 11: Lions at the Gate
Episode 10: Lions at the Gate
Episode 9: Out of Africa
Episode 8: The Last Roar
Episode 7: The Sickness
Episode 6: Lions at the Gate
Episode 5: Rock Bottom
Episode 4: Too Many Chiefs
Episode 2: Man on Fire
Episode 1: Lions at the Gate
Episode 8: 40 Days Filth and Fury
Episode 6: 40 Days Sacrifice
Episode 5: 40 Days Death March
Episode 4: 40 Days Jungle Rich
Episode 3: 40 Days Snake in the Grass
Episode 2: 40 Days No Escape

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